Far away from where I should be

How I got here is still mostly a mystery to me. I am from the planet Earth, in the Sol system, several hundred thousand light-years from where I now find myself a wanderer without a home. 

For the past ten years (a rough estimate at best, since the years are different on each planet I visit), I have been traveling among strangers: Rel-danii, Illanians, Cantarrians, Seltharek, Garrians, and Endri-nâi, among many others. Though I arrived with only my wits, my backpack, and the clothes I was wearing, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience of more than a dozen alien species several dozen cultures (facilitated by a subdermal translator I was fortunate enough to acquire early on in my journey), as well as a ship of my own and enough currency to keep me secure for the next several years at least. 

Without the resources to attempt a return trip to Earth, I have decided to continue my travels, all the while compiling my notes and observations about the peoples and places I have encountered into a useful guide for any others who may find themselves likewise lost in this strange area of space.